Channel 9 Events App Featured In The Daily Six Pack: May 27, 2013

The Daily Six Pack: May 27, 2013

On 27 May, 2013 06:00:24, in The Daily Six Pack, by Dirk Strauss

Channel 9 Featured

Channel 9 has something great in store for us. Are you going to TechEd this year? Do you want to stay connected to what’s happening? Download the Ch9 Events app on your mobile device! It will allow you to browse all the content of the conference.

You can also follow your schedule while staying connected. The Ch9 Events application is available for Windows 8, Windows Phone, iOS and Android. Just remember that after you create your account in the application, you need to link it to your Channel 9 account. This enables synchronization of your personal schedule.

Lastly, you can also reach out to for additional information.

Next up, Beth Massi gives us a few quick tips on building great mobile LightSwitch Apps and Sean Sexton gives us the low down on the general philosophy for handling exceptions in your applications.

Good luck for the new week ahead and have a great Monday today! Here is The Daily Six Pack!

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