The Daily Six Pack: March 21, 2013

The Daily Six Pack: March 21, 2013

On 21 March, 2013 07:00:29, in The Daily Six Pack, by Dirk Strauss

The Daily Six Pack

I really enjoyed the ‘Microsoft’s future vision’ article. In it, we see various ideas of what the future might look like. I can’t really dare to say ‘near’ future, because I think we are quite a way off from that.

I did chuckle at the ‘Productivity Future Vision’ video. In it, the user is seen leaving Johannesburg airport and an announcement comes over the intercom in Afrikaans. I can’t remember when last I heard Afrikaans over an intercom at Johannesburg International. I guess it isn’t surprising seeing as it’s an International airport and the fact that South Africa has 11 official languages, makes doing the announcements in English only, much easier.

Nevertheless, here is to an excellent Thursday! Here is The Daily Six Pack!

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