Resizing VirtualBox Disks Does Not Work With Snapshots

On 8 August, 2014 01:00:41, in How To, by Dirk Strauss

Resizing VirtualBox Disks – I wanted to resize the hard drive of my VM, and I figured that this would be an easy task. As it turns out, it is extremely easy. The only problem was that it wasn’t working. Here is how I resolved that error. Please note, this is my dev VM. If I mess things up, I’ll wipe it and start over. If you can’t be so cavalier about what you do on your VM’s, you better make a backup first.

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Moving VirtualBox VM’s To An External Drive

On 6 August, 2014 01:00:18, in How To, by Dirk Strauss

Moving Virtual Box VM’s – The other day I created a VM in VirtualBox, and it created the VM in the default directory on my local drive. My local drive is not full, but having a virtual machine hogging an initial 23 Gb of disk space, didn’t excite me too much. This is especially true if it is set to dynamically grow in size. As I found out, moving VirtualBox VM’s is really quick and easy. Here’s how.

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The Daily Six Pack: January 9, 2014

On 9 January, 2014 06:00:46, in The Daily Six Pack, by Dirk Strauss
VirtualBox And Hyper-V

Dirk Strauss





Feature link: VirtualBox And Hyper-V
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Parasoft Service Virtualization – Create Intelligent Test Environments

On 22 August, 2013 07:00:37, in Reviewed, by Dirk Strauss

Parasoft Service Virtualization logoParasoft Service Virtualization is a product you need to seriously consider if you are developing applications that you have to test. But before I continue, let me step back a bit.

What is one of the first things you do when setting up a test environment? Well I guess that largely depends on your budget. Let us assume we all work for a company that conforms to best practices with regards to software development and the SDLC.

The easiest way to emulate the client site is to use virtualization. My current favourite being VirtualBox, but VMWare is also a great choice. Setting up a copy of the client site on a VM is the best method for testing your custom applications. It now gets even better with Parasoft Service Virtualization.

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Resolve Windows Live Mail Error When Using smtp4dev

On 15 July, 2013 07:00:25, in How To, by Dirk Strauss

smtp4dev test email sendsmtp4dev is an excellent testing tool to add to your tools library. Go ahead and download smtp4dev from CodePlex. It is a dummy SMTP server which is compatible with Windows 7/Vista/XP/2003/2010. smtp4dev Will sit in the system tray and listen for messages on the port you specify (usually port 25).

The best thing about smtp4dev is that it will not deliver the received messages. You can then view the messages or save them and inspect the source/structure. This makes smtp4dev very useful for testing/debugging software that needs to generate emails. I recently used it to test the email functionality from a VBScript.

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Clone VirtualBox VM’s Easily To Provide a Fresh Dev Environment

On 11 July, 2013 07:00:37, in How To, by Dirk Strauss

Clone VirtualBox VM'sClone VirtualBox VM’s – Lately I have fallen in love again with VirtualBox. I have decided that using the same installation of SYSPRO on my local dev machine to do all customisations is inefficient. As time moves along and different customisations need to be done for different clients, my SYSPRO installation tends to become cluttered and problems sometimes crop up.

VirtualBox therefore provides the perfect solution. With it, I can create a base machine for development. On this base machine I install SYSPRO, Web Services, WCF, Sample Data, SQL Server Management Studio and a host of other tools I need for SYSPRO development. If I had to do this each and every time I would surely go insane because this set-up process can take a while. As a matter of interest, I am currently developing customisations for SYSPRO 6.1 SP 1 and soon SYSPRO7 which is due for release in the coming months.

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