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The Daily Six Pack: July 25, 2014

On 25 July, 2014 09:02:51, in The Daily Six Pack, by Dirk Strauss
Windows Languages

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Ten Minutes With… Beth Massi

On 13 September, 2013 07:00:10, in Interviews, by Dirk Strauss

beth massiAny developer involved in LightSwitch will know her name. Programming since the age of 8, Beth Massi and her blog is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to get involved with this awesome technology. Below she answers a few questions about herself, LightSwitch and Microsoft.


I’m a Senior Program Manager on the Visual Studio team at Microsoft and a community champion for business application developers. Before Microsoft, I spent 15 years building business apps for small businesses as well as large enterprises.

I am a frequent speaker at various software development events and you can find me on a variety of developer sites including, Channel 9, and my blog Follow me on twitter @BethMassi

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The Daily Six Pack: July 25, 2013

On 25 July, 2013 06:00:35, in The Daily Six Pack, by Dirk Strauss

Google Chromecast Featured

Google Chromecast directly competes with Apple TV. It makes is possible to cast content from your smartphone, tablet or PC/Laptop to your HD TV. This means you can stream online content too such as YouTube, Netflix (if supported in your country) etc. right into your living room.

Next, Chander Dhall shows us the rich set of tools in Internet Explorer that are designed to make developers more productive. These tools have also been included in Internet Explorer since version 8 and continues to grow.

Lastly, Pete Brown talks a little about Windows 8.1 improvements. Have a great day today. Here is The Daily Six Pack!

Feature link: Google Chromecast
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The Daily Six Pack: July 2, 2013

On 2 July, 2013 06:00:52, in The Daily Six Pack, by Dirk Strauss

SkyDrive Pro iOS Featured

SkyDrive Pro for iOS, Windows 8 / RT was released by Microsoft on Friday. It looks the same as the standard mobile app, but provides a handy way to access your SkyDrive Pro-based files in Office 365, SharePoint Online, or SharePoint 2013. Speaking of Office 365, have you taken a look at the offering? Office 365 and SkyDrive Pro work very well together.

Then, the .NET Team maintain a set of pages to make it easier for you to find all the .NET Framework versions, SDKs etc to use in your .NET apps. Bookmark this one!

Josh Benson also shares the blueprint for composing the most effective tweet possible. For all you Twitter addicts, check out Josh’s post below. He really shares excellent tips.

Man, can you believe that it is July already? I really don’t like the first 6 months of any year, so I’m glad that is over. Now on to the latter half of 2013. But first, let’s get Tuesday rocking and rolling. Have a great day! Here is The Daily Six Pack!

Feature link: SkyDrive Pro
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The Daily Six Pack: June 25, 2013

On 25 June, 2013 06:00:59, in The Daily Six Pack, by Dirk Strauss

iOS7 Hidden Features Featured

Evolution of C# is nicely represented in this graphic shared by Zubair Ahmed. Jonathan Allen also talks about .NET memory profiling using Visual Studio 2013 while Gunnar Peipman shares some Office 365 goodness.

Lastly, bookmark GeekLift, an awesome regular post by Josh Benson. I have really found the info succinct and easy to understand which makes it extremely useful. So head on over there to have a look at it.

Have a happy Tuesday folks. Here is The Daily Six Pack!

Feature link: Evolution of C#
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Today’s Comic

Today’s xkcd comic is a topic of one of my upcoming blog posts, so stay tuned for that.



The Daily Six Pack: June 19, 2013

On 19 June, 2013 06:00:27, in The Daily Six Pack, by Dirk Strauss

Fix System Restore Featured

Fix System Restore in Windows 7 and 8… well there is something you don’t hear every day. System restore has saved my bacon on many occasions. But if for some reason your Operating System isn’t creating those System Restore Points, you could be headed for a bucket load of trouble. Have a look at our featured link for some troubleshooting tips.

Next up, Jeff Bramwell demystify’s Microsoft’s Git offering and Scott Hanselman writes an excellent post on what we are doing wrong on the Internet.

Lastly, finally, Microsoft  brings Office to iPhone and iPad. You need an Office 365 subscription though, but that is really probably the better way to go anyway. If you haven’t had a look at Office 365, check it out.

The middle of the week has arrived and I can smell the weekend approaching. Have a great day! Here is The Daily Six Pack!

Feature link: Fix System Restore
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