Scumbag Scammers – My Conversation With The Devil In Disguise

On 7 November, 2013 16:50:15, in How To, by Dirk Strauss

Scumbag Scammers – I have always maintained that the easiest way to hack someone, obtain access to their PC or to get someone’s password is to simply ask them for it. There is a worrying trend in the world where more and more people’s private information is being compromised by unscrupulous individuals. Large companies are being hacked regularly while people are having their identities stolen. And while all this is going on, you as an individual think that you are safe from all of this because you use two-step authentication, one-time pin’s, LastPass to manage your passwords and so on. Well think again.

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The Daily Six Pack: September 9, 2013

On 9 September, 2013 06:00:58, in The Daily Six Pack, by Dirk Strauss
LightSwitch Using ActiveReports Featured

Dirk Strauss





Feature link: LightSwitch Using ActiveReports
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The Daily Six Pack: August 29, 2013

On 29 August, 2013 06:00:28, in The Daily Six Pack, by Dirk Strauss

Facebook Privacy – Securing Your Online Content

On 19 August, 2013 07:00:40, in Technology, by Dirk Strauss

facebook privacy securityFacebook Privacy – This is a topic of thousands of blogs posts. It is something we have been warned about time and time again. Almost weekly we hear about social media accounts being compromised.

In all honesty, how bad can it really get? Is that what you are thinking? Who would want to hack my online content? Well perhaps you should ask Mat Honan that question.

We need to be aware of an online culture, where (let’s call them) hackers will try to compromise your on-line accounts just for the challenge of doing so. For others, there is a more sinister agenda behind their motives. Just ask the South African Postbank.

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The Daily Six Pack: May 17, 2013

On 17 May, 2013 06:00:53, in The Daily Six Pack, by Dirk Strauss

IntelliTrace Featured

IntelliTrace is a new feature introduced by Microsoft in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate (Yes believe it or not, not everyone is using Visual Studio 2012 yet). It was previously known as Historical Debugger. IntelliTrace is a tool that helps developers track down bugs that might not be reproducible in their managed code apps. Think of as an example, those that appear only once because of a web service error or a system issue. See more in the featured link.

Then, (as everyone knows) many shiny new things were unveiled at Google’s I/O recently. What was also announced was a brand new IDE that has been built with the needs of Android developers in mind. Called Android Studio, this free IDE is available now for you to try as an early access preview.

Lastly, my wife has just made me go white with fear as I realized how gullible people really are. She received a mail from the South African Revenue Service stating that an amount of money has been paid into her account. She still told me jokingly that she could see from the email address that it was a spam mail. [Scare Alert – Enter Scary Music Now] She also told me that she clicked on the link in the mail because she was curious to see what it did. I am convinced… WE are our own worst security risk. I think I need to write a blog post on this. Anyway, Troy Hunt brings us some more excellent security advice, so give that article of his a read.

Have a great day today! I am off to go and educate the wifey on good security practices. Here is The Daily Six Pack!

Feature link: IntelliTrace
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The Daily Six Pack: May 16, 2013

On 16 May, 2013 06:00:37, in The Daily Six Pack, by Dirk Strauss

Microsoft Surface

Kunal Chowdhury shares a tip he learned while looking for a solution to his Microsoft Surface RT device not switching on. Even though the device was fully charged, he was unable to turn on the device. See his post for more info. If you want to learn more about Microsoft Surface, have a look at the Surface site at Microsoft.

Next up, criminals seem to be hacking everyone these days. From news agencies to government organisations and big corporations, it seems to be happening with almost comical frequency. The challenge therefore is for you to secure your business against these threats. This is especially daunting if your business is a medium sized business that doesn’t employ a dedicated IT security team. The Cyber Security Roadmap link below gives us some advice on how to weather these threats and provides some great links to free resources that can be useful in your endeavour to secure your company.

With a brand new layout, search features and new ways to highlight the “things that matter most", the redesigned Google Maps leaked on the net shows a lot of thought and love for an already excellent product. This with I/O around the corner, makes for some really exciting times. Read more at the link below.

Have a great day today! Here is The Daily Six Pack!

Feature link: Microsoft Surface
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The Daily Six Pack: May 13, 2013

On 13 May, 2013 06:00:03, in The Daily Six Pack, by Dirk Strauss

The Daily Six Pack Security

China fired back at the United States saying that it was “the real hacking empire". This after a report from the Pentagon which said that Beijing was directly responsible for cyber attacks on the U.S. (Enter secret spy thriller music here).

For those of you who are interested in learning Objective-C, head on over to the Code School. Then Kunal Chowdhury talks about capturing a screenshot as a file in Microsoft Surface.

Pictures from a developer’s life is a hilarious anecdote to the things only dev’s can relate to….. all in the format of gif’s. Be sure not to be operating heavy machinery while looking at these gif’s. These are seriously very, very funny!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Monday! Here is The Daily Six Pack.


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