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Market Yourself As A Software Developer By John Sonmez Reviewed

On 23 April, 2014 08:06:00, in Reviewed, by Dirk Strauss

As a software developer, my goal is to try and be as close to the best at what I do. I then got to thinking… what is it that encompasses ‘what I do’? There is no template that will fit every software developer out there, but for me an on-line presence was an important part of this. Unfortunately for me at the time I had to feel my way around this aspect of my professional life. There were no guides or definite ‘how to’ tutorials marketed specifically to me, a software developer. 

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Windows XP Bliss – The Story Behind The Wallpaper

On 16 April, 2014 09:42:10, in Technology, by Dirk Strauss

Windows XP Bliss – Can you remember the first time you saw Windows XP? What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Windows XP”? The image of the Bliss wallpaper immediately springs to mind (in my mind anyway). Charles O’Rear is the photographer behind the wallpaper we will never forget. 

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Typical Developers Life - As you might know from my previous blog post, The Typical Developer’s Life… in GIF’s (How you feel when…), I really enjoy these GIF’s that illustrate a different feeling or meaning to a scene. I decided that it was time to post another one. So here it is, enjoy! 

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CodeFluent Entities – A Tool For Developers by Developers

On 25 March, 2014 00:10:26, in Programming, by Dirk Strauss

CodeFluent EntitiesCodeFluent Entities – I love being a lazy software developer, especially when a great tool such as CodeFluent Entities is involved. It is incredible how much control this tool puts in my hands while allowing me to generate code with ease. In this article I will show you how to create your first project and generate your database scripts and data access code.

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Flight – How Far We Have Come

On 18 March, 2014 01:00:50, in Technology, by Dirk Strauss

Flight is truly one of the most amazing human feats. When Orville and Wilbur Wright flew for the first time in 1903 they probably didn’t realize the impact their breakthrough would have on the human race. The reason I say this is that their framework of reference was limited to what they knew of at the time. I wonder if they realized that what they did would open the doors for supersonic flight, space flight, landing a man on the moon (65 years later) or landing on Mars.

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CodeSmith Generator Projects And Visual Studio

On 17 March, 2014 01:00:26, in Reviewed, by Dirk Strauss

CodeSmith Generator Projects allow developers to manage a batch of CodeSmith Generator templates and outputs. All this is done in a single CodeSmith Generator Project file (.csp). This is great for when you need to generate several code templates that are logically grouped together by their implementation. Think of data layers that can be generated with a single click to create multiple classes driven from a specific database. The possibilities are endless. In this article I will show you a simple implementation of a CodeSmith Generator Project.

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Visual Studio Integration Of CodeSmith Generator

On 13 March, 2014 01:00:15, in Reviewed, by Dirk Strauss

Visual Studio Integration – In the previous article I showed you how to create a quick template in CodeSmith Generator Studio. If you remember how easy it was to do, you will most certainly love this article on integrating CodeSmith Generator inside Visual Studio. It is just as easy. Ultimately, you want to stay in one IDE. I personally dislike jumping between applications when I am knee deep in code. CodeSmith Generator has thus made integration into Visual Studio a breeze. I am using Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate.

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CodeSmith Generator – Creating Your First Template

On 10 March, 2014 23:30:30, in Reviewed, by Dirk Strauss

CodeSmith Generator – I love automating repetitive tasks when programming. Sometimes this isn’t as easy as it sounds. I have specific Visual Studio Templates for specific projects. As I build on the previous template (Improve or expand), I create a new template and export that. There is however one thing that I do a lot, and that is create classes that post specific XML to SYSPRO via WCF or Web Services. Obviously I have been creating a reusable and generic set of classes that allow me to post to SYSPRO using the various business object XML’s. This is a work in progress as there are many business objects. One thing I do is create a class with a set structure. CodeSmith Generator allows me to automate this process. The review below will outline a very basic CodeSmith Generator template. Obviously this is just scratching the surface and I hope to expand on this post in later articles.

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USB Security Suite – Secure Your PC

On 10 March, 2014 08:53:02, in Reviewed, by Dirk Strauss

USB Security Suite – I am always wondering how far a person could (should) take the security of your laptop or personal computer. The question you should be asking yourself is how sensitive the data is on your PC? I say that you can’t be secure enough. Personally, I wouldn’t want anyone snooping around on my personal computer (or even my work laptop). I also know that viruses are spread via removable drives and thumb drives. This is why I have invested in good antivirus software and I keep my OS up to date with the latest patches and updates. I was therefore really impressed with USB Security Suite by Dynamikode. USB Security Suite eliminates the risks from pen drives, external hard disks, memory card readers, etc. adding an additional layer of security to your PC.

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Execute Script Error Resolved In SQL Server Management Studio

On 27 February, 2014 01:00:45, in SQL, by Dirk Strauss

Execute Script Error - Imagine my surprise when I tried executing a rather large SQL script (255 Mb) and received an error telling me that there was ‘Insufficient memory to continue the execution of the program. (mscorlib)’. You might be wondering why I would even have such a large script to begin with. Well I had to import data from a file that I didn’t have access to any more, so I decided to script the table contents from the live database and import into my dev database for testing. Trying to run the query produced the error and I had to find an alternative way to get the data into my table.

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