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Renewed As .NET MVP For 2015

On 2 July, 2015 01:39:30, in Technology, by Dirk Strauss
MVP Renewed 2015

I am so honored to be renewed as a .NET MVP for 2015/2016. There is a fantastic community of individuals that are willing to help and assist no matter what time of day or night. Without the dedicated individuals that never hesitate or shy away from helping, I would not be here. To you folks, I want to say thank you! I also want to say thank you in particular to Jody Roberts for countless Wednesday evenings assisting me in getting Develop Africa started up (More on that in the coming weeks). I also want to thank my MVP lead Hande Kayadeniz Torkan for everything she does for us MVP’s.

Then to all the new and renewed MVP’s, congratulations! To the newly awarded MVP’s, enjoy the community and support you will experience. More than that, become part of the community by sharing whatever you can. To the renewed MVP’s, thank you for your continued dedication and commitment. I am honored to be counted among such outstanding individuals.

Last but definitely not least, to my wonderful wife and kids. Thank you for putting up with me during countless late nights while I tinker away at the next thing that has caught my interest. Without you and your support and love, I would not be able to do any of this. You are my foundation of everything good and make me better than I could ever be on my own. I love you.

Devart Code Compare

On 15 June, 2015 00:09:20, in Programming, by Dirk Strauss

Devart Code Compare is a really awesome tool for developers to use. It integrates seamlessly into Android Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and naturally, Visual Studio. It has also built-in support for the following popular source control systems: TFS, SVN, Git, Mercurial, and Perforce. Today I’m going to look at the standalone tool.

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LEADTOOLS Recognition Imaging SDK: Create Imaging Apps Easily

On 8 June, 2015 15:06:51, in Programming, by Dirk Strauss

LEADTOOLS Recognition Imaging SDK – I had the pleasure of taking the SDK for a spin, and let me tell you it was well worth it. LEADTOOLS has already established itself as a world leader in Imaging SDK’s, but for me it goes much further than just that. The technical support is stellar! This is what differentiates a good functional product from a stunning product.

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Windows 10 Launches July 29th

On 2 June, 2015 00:09:58, in Technology, by Dirk Strauss

Windows 10 Launches July – I guess as most of you have heard, Windows 10 is launching on July 29th. This is great news for those of you that haven’t played around with the technical preview. So just how easy will it be to get your hands on a copy of Microsoft’s new OS? Very easy, as it turns out.

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Deep Web – Silk Road And The Inside Story Of Ross Ulbricht

On 30 May, 2015 18:07:33, in Programming, by Dirk Strauss

Deep Web – Has the Dread Pirate Roberts been put away for life without the possibility of parole? This documentary explores those caught in the crosshairs of a battle for control of our future which is inevitably linked to technology. What’s at stake? According to some, our digital rights hang in the balance.

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MKG Marketing Inc Interview – Discussing Content Promotion

On 27 May, 2015 00:05:36, in Interviews, by Dirk Strauss

MKG Marketing Inc Interview – The folks at MKG Marketing Inc interviewed me a few days ago. We discussed content promotion and the various ways I try to promote articles posted on this blog. To listen to or read the interview, head on over to their site and check it out ‘How Technical Writers Promote Their Content‘.

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Introducing Code Contracts – Writing Better Code

On 18 May, 2015 00:21:21, in Programming, by Dirk Strauss

Introducing Code Contracts – Exactly what are code contracts and how can they help me in my daily coding tasks? How do code contracts make my code better? Well as I have said before, user input is evil. All user input. Code contracts provide a way for a developer to specifically check what values are coming into their methods and catch issues easily. Here is an introduction to code contracts.

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Simil is one of the coolest algorithms I have come across in a long while. Developers usually know that all user input is evil, and we really need to implement code contracts and all the fail safes afforded to us by the numerous development standards out there. Unfortunately, spelling mistakes are human and we all make them.

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Starting out with Azure isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Head on over to The Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog for my latest article on Getting Started with Microsoft Azure.

CodeRush Stops Intellisense Working For Visual Studio 2013

On 11 May, 2015 00:15:29, in Programming, by Dirk Strauss

CodeRush Stops Intellisense Working – I absolutely love DevExpress products. I love CodeRush even more and once you have used it, it’s easy to see why. But has the Intellisense in Visual Studio 2013 suddenly stopped working after installing CodeRush?

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