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Microsoft Azure provides a perfect solution for those with a subscription (BizSpark, MSDN etc.) to test out the previews of various software. I can immediately think of Visual Studio 2015 Preview and Windows 10 Technical Preview. If you don’t want to download the ISO’s or don’t want to set up your own VM to test them on, Microsoft Azure is the way you want to go.

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Rebracer – Today a fellow MVP asked a very interesting question. I have to admit that it is something I had never thought of before. Not until Matt asked it, which got me thinking that there must be other developers out there using Visual Studio that have the same requirement. It boils down to having different editor settings in Visual Studio for each project. So instead of having global editor settings that apply to all projects, you can be more granular in your approach.

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Setting Different Wallpapers – The other day Scott Hanselman posted a blog post on setting individual wallpapers for each monitor in Windows 8 if you’re using multiple monitors. While this isn’t strictly something many will find essential, it bugs the heck out of me not being able to do it in Windows 7. If you’re using Windows 7, you would be better off using DisplayFusion (my current app of choice for Windows 7). If you’re on Windows 8 and have multiple monitors, here is how you do it.

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LinkedIn iOS 8 Widget Not Working

On 2 October, 2014 01:00:49, in How To, by Dirk Strauss

LinkedIn iOS 8 Widget – So have you installed the iOS 8 widget for LinkedIn? In notification centre, you can now see who has viewed your profile…. or can you? Personally I hope that the app gains more Widget features in future because seeing who viewed my profile is not all that useful to me. The problem however that I can’t even see who viewed my profile because the LinkedIn Widget doesn’t work without following a few steps first.

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Acunetix WVS – Audit Your Website Security

On 30 September, 2014 01:00:45, in Reviewed, by Dirk Strauss

AcunetixAcunetix WVS – I have been checking out Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner and the awesome features it provides. As a software developer, I can definitely see a benefit to the guys and girls of my trade. Acunetix WVS audits your website security by running a host of tests. It then provides a concise report of issues it found. Not only does it do this, but it also suggests changes you need to make to fix the issues found.

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Microsoft OneDrive Doubles Free Storage

On 22 September, 2014 01:00:42, in Technology, by Dirk Strauss

Microsoft OneDrive – If you are using OneDrive free you need to know that Microsoft has doubled the free storage. In order to get this, all you need to do is enable the auto-upload feature from within your OneDrive app. But you need to hurry as this deal is only till the end of September.

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Resizing VirtualBox Disks Does Not Work With Snapshots

On 8 August, 2014 01:00:41, in How To, by Dirk Strauss

Resizing VirtualBox Disks – I wanted to resize the hard drive of my VM, and I figured that this would be an easy task. As it turns out, it is extremely easy. The only problem was that it wasn’t working. Here is how I resolved that error. Please note, this is my dev VM. If I mess things up, I’ll wipe it and start over. If you can’t be so cavalier about what you do on your VM’s, you better make a backup first.

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Moving VirtualBox VM’s To An External Drive

On 6 August, 2014 01:00:18, in How To, by Dirk Strauss

Moving Virtual Box VM’s – The other day I created a VM in VirtualBox, and it created the VM in the default directory on my local drive. My local drive is not full, but having a virtual machine hogging an initial 23 Gb of disk space, didn’t excite me too much. This is especially true if it is set to dynamically grow in size. As I found out, moving VirtualBox VM’s is really quick and easy. Here’s how.

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ApexSQL Provides Excellent SQL Tools For Free

On 29 July, 2014 01:00:23, in SQL, by Dirk Strauss

ApexSQL has a few free tools on their site. Before I carry on, I was in no way compensated for this blog post at all. Now that is out of the way, check out ApexSQL tools. I was amazed by the feature richness of these tools. I would be amiss if I didn’t share this with the developer community out there. If you are a developer using SSMS, you definitely must download their free tools and give them a try.

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Azure Databases – Restore Local Database To Azure

On 23 July, 2014 00:50:20, in SQL, by Dirk Strauss

Azure Databases – What do you need to do if you have a local database and you want to deploy it to Azure? I saw while researching for this article that there were a few ways to do this, but the method I’m going to show you is a nice quick and easy method. 

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