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CloudBerry Backup Desktop Edition by CloudBerry Lab

On 24 September, 2015 16:57:04, in Technology, by Dirk Strauss
CloudBerry Backup

There is one thing in this world that many people fail to do. That is maintain regular backups of important files and documents. I often wonder why this is? I have come to the conclusion that many people don’t do it because it is a hassle. We often don’t have the time to make regular backups or we get so entrenched in everyday life, that making backups is the last thing on our mind. CloudBerry Backup definitely has a solution for you.

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A while ago I wrote an article on Debugging Lambda Expressions In Visual Studio 2015. The folks over at Webucator were gracious enough to use the article in one of their tutorial videos (see below).

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iTunes Installation Error

On 19 September, 2015 23:04:02, in Technology, by Dirk Strauss

iTunes Installation Error – It seems as though some users have had issues installing iTunes 12.3 (among other Apple software *cough*iOS9*cough*). The error description is also not very helpful either.

There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.

That error message was about as helpful as a spoon in a pogo stick contest.

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Hey Siri, give us a hint – September Apple Event

On 9 September, 2015 16:18:35, in Technology, by Dirk Strauss
Hey Siri

For those of you who are excited for the Apple event today, here is a little gem. If you ask Siri “Hey Siri, give us a hint”, Siri will respond with various funny replies. Here is my favorite reply:

Hey Siri

It seems like Apple has some exciting goodies in store for us today as well as a great sense of humor.

Apple Watch – The Not So Essential List Of Apps

On 8 September, 2015 00:05:36, in Technology, by Dirk Strauss

Apple Watch – Well it has happened. I gave in and bought myself an Apple Watch. I initially got one for my wife for her birthday, but I couldn’t resist in getting one for myself too. You might be thinking why would I be writing about it here? To tell you the truth, I am quite impressed with it, especially as a first version. But what is it about the Apple Watch that makes it worthwhile for me?

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BgInfo Working For You In Windows 10

On 14 August, 2015 00:44:26, in Windows 10, by Dirk Strauss

BgInfo – I am a great fan of the SysInternals tool BgInfo. I use it all over the place, especially in Virtual Machines. I also apply it to my development machine to display useful info about my system. Apart from the standard info tags that ship with BgInfo, you can define some custom ones. Here is my take on defining a custom info tag for BgInfo to display the state of a Windows Service, in my case SQL Server.

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Roslyn And The New Language Features of C# 6

On 5 August, 2015 00:03:52, in Programming, by Dirk Strauss

Roslyn And C# 6 – With Visual 2015 being released, developers were treated to some really cool new language features in C# 6. In this article I will highlight some of the features available and compare some to the old way of doing things. 

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TakeWhile Extension Method in C#

On 30 July, 2015 00:05:02, in Programming, by Dirk Strauss

TakeWhile Extension Method – I am amazed at how the C# language can teach me something new. I have come to the conclusion that it is basically impossible for a developer to know all there is about a given programming language (unless you are Jon Skeet of course). We learn as we need. I need to do xyz in code, so I research and find a way. Therefore I learn something new. The next time I will know how to do this. That is how we learn more about a particular language. Today I had a requirement to loop through a List<int> and stop the loop if the value in the list equaled zero. The TakeWhile Extension Method was the perfect fit.

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Debugging Lambda Expressions In Visual Studio 2015

On 28 July, 2015 00:09:44, in Programming, by Dirk Strauss

Debugging Lambda Expressions – Visual Studio 2015 has added the ability for developers to debug Lambda Expressions. This is a big improvement for me personally because I quite enjoy using Lambda Expressions. Now I can debug these Lambda Expressions and modify values to test different scenarios. Let’s take a look how we do it.

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